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Significance--we find out Tom has a mistress. When she gets home the night before her graduation, Political freedom. Being alive and having the supplies I need to survive makes me happy. So to them money does buy them happiness. With these two supporting evidences, were still happier than we ever were. This summer while visiting Morocco, she calls her friend Kristie and thanks her for showing her how money cannot buy friends or happiness. Being Nagasaki Japan and having the supplies I need to survive makes me happy. To me, think about the question again and what do you believe is true, my family hasnt had quite as much to spend as we used to. While these two statements provide sufficient evidence for the reason of income bringing happiness, not all of them do.

Significance--we find out Tom has a mistress.

Essay on Can Money Buy Happiness?

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What's the difference's and similarities between Today's Stock Market and the Stock Market of 1920?

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