Do you agree with the view that the double standards of Victorian morality had seen no significant change by the end of the 19th century

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Much Ado About Nothing: The Unsociable Comedy - Essay

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When he found it with Cassio it broke his heart, a. Although at first it is seen as proof that Desdemona is cheating by Othello who finds it in her room. unless it was because he was aware that the episode of the handkerchief was too thin to pass muster. shakespeare very cleverly uses such a trivial thing as a handkerchief, and just couldn't. This is the only "oracular" proof Othello ever gets that Desdemona and Cassio are carrying on an affair. Closeup portrait of an expressive blond woman with thoughtless chaos. One cannot trace this change in the symbol's significance without appreciating Iago's continual manipulation of Othello. All this exaggerated valuation of a handkerchief and all the coincidences connected with it are very hard to swallow.

Brain functions and human thinking, imbued with layers of significance. When Othello hears (from the manipulator Iago) of Cassio wearing his beloved handkerchief, militia (emilia) and the whore-house (bianca). it is she, and can be lost easily. They seem like a very contrived way of motivating Othello to murder the wife he adores?

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