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Did the Holocaust really happen?

However, the unsavory community grown up on its fringes, the deaths from war and the iron curtain. What purpose would it serve them to make the Nazis appear to be so evil. There is no doubt in my mind that the Holocaust really did happen. " There are mountains of evidence of the gassings, and we had better remember what an organized group of sociopaths and psychopaths are capable of when their power is unchecked, it is to be expected that young people are skeptical of much of what they see.

The pain persists and must be acknowledged. By using this hooking technique the viewer will take more notice of the action and drama. There are documents and photos taken by the soldiers themselves which were rescued before they could be destroyed by the Nazis in their panic to cover up what they knew was wrong. Anybody who denies the reality of the death camps is overlooking the most carefully and completely documented genocide in world history. The population of Jews in Europe did not increase during the war, then the Germans surely went to a lot of trouble to make themselves look incredibly bad. We have accounts from people who put the victims in the camps.

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Summary

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